Looking for a way to make a difference?
Consider the unique model we have developed toward helping AIDs orphans in Tanzania.

  • Affordable Sponsorships - Even though we are currently providing full support for our orphans - housing, food, schooling and medical - our sponsorship levels are really affordable. We can do that because all of our support dollars go directly into buying locally grown food and housing children in local homes. No administrative offices, overhead expenses or superfluous infrastructure.
  • Technology Based Relationships - For us at Bethel Green, it's all about relationships. Our goal is to create a solid long-term relationship between each student and teacher and their sponsors. Gone is the old paradigm of an annual newsletter. Instead we will be exploring social media opportunities so that each orphan knows at least one person in the world who cares enough about them to invest time and money.
  • Sustainability through Enterprise - Our model is to build not only a school building and dormitories, but create agricultural enterprises like fish farming on the land to provide 100% of the support needed to operate the school. The entire operation will end up African owned and operated. Not only does these provide security for the future, it provides much needed employment for our students as they grow up, and gives a boost to the local community. This model has been proven effective in many African countries.
  • Excellence - Our goal is to become the number one school in the district, with a diverse curriculum, including English, Computer Skills, Agricultural Practices, Bible and Business. We will provide classroom as well as hands-on training to prepare our student for success in a changing world.
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